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No single civilisation has all the answers

The 9 Pillar Success Hub bridges the gap between modalities, teachings and research from all over the globe to help you have the best chance of success in all areas of life

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What are the 9 Pillars of Success?

Helping you fulfill your full potential

The 9 pillars focus on the 3 states (or treasures) in which you interact with the world. These have been taken from both Eastern and Western best practices to achieve the ultimate path towards success in all areas of life

Your mindset and living choices
(lifestyle wellness)

Attention to how you choose to ‘be you’ and how you choose to navigate life on your terms by engaging personal characteristics that allow you to be the unique individual you were born to be

1) Accept your Genetic History

2) Embody your Natural Characteristics

3) Utilise your Learned Outlook on Life
4) Identify and Relate with your Personal Map of the World to Make Positive use of your Unconscious Reflections of Life

Living environment
(environmental wellness)

Home (and workplace) and their ability to be a nourishing, safe, supportive, balanced and inviting place to feel energized and connected to ‘You’

5) Acknowledge and Connect with and Foster your Living Environmental Surroundings

6) Communicate and Engage with the World you have Built around You

Health: mind, body and spirit
(physical wellness)

Blend of sustainable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy and vitality, based on your relationship with the principles of longevity

7) Managing the Reciprocal Connections between your Physiological, Mental, Emotional and Psychological Health and

8) Embrace and Celebrate your Passion for Life through a Whole-istic Approach
9) Achieve Flow, Personal Clarity and Longevity through Focused Purpose

We believe in 'whole-istic' solutions

You need to fix all 3 in order to achieve true results. Tending to only one or even two of these three will not bring unconditional success

Yet most people continue to adopt this approach by investing in life, health or business coaching, using personality assessments or birth natal charts.

Changing your Current Reality into your Ideal Reality at home, work and play starts with you, is driven by you, and is focused on your needs, your goals, your success.

We create your personal roadmap for success

Based on your unique human genius characteristics, your current state and your goals

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We regularly upload to our youtube channel with free tips and tricks on how to utilise Western and Eastern modalities such as diet, leveraging your natural human genius design, Feng Shui and more to achieve greater success

We help people tend to all 9 Pillars of success for a truly

'whole-istic' approach

This is how it works

1) We identify

First, we listen to what your goals are

Whether you are in business wanting to hit your next milestone, wanting to create harmony in the home, or achieving a new Olympic personal best - we understand that not everyone wants the same things out of life

2) We assess

We have created and developed our own 2 part unique system that takes into account your natal and manifested genius

It will highlight your unique strengths so that we can custom design your unique roadmap towards achieving your goals

3) We rectify

Adapt your living or work environment with Maree's extensive knowledge of Northern and Southern Feng Shui + Interior design

Address your physical health and mental wellbeing through Jeff and Maree's experience and training at the London School of Health and Healing Nutrition

Provide career or relationship advice with Jeff's psychology and business backgrounds

This is NOT

This is not life or health coaching, because that only focuses on your external and internal wellbeing while leaving out your important genetic makeup and physical living environment

This is not a simple personality test, because they don't account for fluctuating psychological and health states throughout your life; neither does it take into account your physical living environment

This is not westernised Feng Shui; we look at you as a unique individual and what your goals are to help form a living environment conducive to that goal while also looking at the rest of your wellbeing

This is not a natal chart that fails to recognise that we develop our own likes, dislikes and goals throughout our lifetime

Why choose 9 Pillar Success Hub

The 9 Pillar Success Hub is committed to your success every step of the way

The 9 Pillar Success Hub works at your own pace: the focus is on you, your mind and emotions, your body, your environment, and your psychological make-up and your wholistic lifestyle.

Regardless of the concern/issue, all three - your Unique Personality, Living Environment, Health and Wellbeing are present in developing any solution.

We are dedicated to ensuring your progression is consistent, despite all the hard work, the times of frustration, those moments when you thought it all too overwhelming.

All content, activities, learnings and discussions are tailored specifically to address YOU and your desire for a life of harmony, balance and success.

Why Our Method Works So Well

  • It gets to the core of who you were born as, and who you manifested into over time
  • Solutions are provided from both Eastern and Western philosophies
  • All our reports and programs are customised and 'hand-created;' there is no robot or software involved
  • We have the expertise and qualifications to help you understand your results and take the necessary action step afterwards

Meet Jeff and Maree

Creators of 9 Pillar Success Hub

International speakers, authors and presenters

Jeff and Maree are a couple internationally-renowned for their expertise in multiple areas and combine their knowledge of Eastern and Western philosophies to help you get the best outcomes.

Jeff Withers

Is a trained psychologist and educator who believes in the power of knowledge to help enhance ones life

  • Trained psychologist and educator (B.Psych, B.Ed.)
  • Accredited and Certified Longevity Diet Coach; Practitioner
  • Certified Behavioural Change Coach
  • Certified Integrative Therapies Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Effectiveness Trainer
  • Accredited and Certified Wholistic Health and Healing Nutrition Coach and Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Maree Malouf

Maree is a qualified interior designer who has studied at the New York School of Feng Shui and is an expert in Feng Shui for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere

  • Qualified Interior Designer (Dip Int. Des’n.)
  • Accredited and Certified Global Feng Shui Practitioner (Northern and Southern Hemisphere expert)
  • Certified Cosmology/Chinese Astrology Practitioner
  • Certified 4 Pillars of Destiny Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified Wholistic Health and Healing Nutrition Coach and Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified Longevity Diet Coach and Practitioner


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