9 Pillar Success Hub Services

Finding balance by leveraging Eastern and Western philosophies

The Hub stands out as a unique person-driven initiative built solely for the purpose of supporting people who are ready to take responsibility for their personal wellness journeys across all areas of their life

The 9 Pillar Success Hub (‘The Hub’) has been developed to address the growing demand for

better pathways for empowered health and wellbeing in life. It provides a ‘central place’ for individuals, couples and families, as well as workplaces, to access strategies, resources, tools and programs that have a clear focus on their personal whole-istic wellness.

Our aim is to provide space for people to access that can cater for the varying needs of day-to-day living, supported by a specialist ready to work with a client and their unique goals.

For example, a typical Hub client could be...

a person who may need guidance and direction on what their ideal life could be

a personal issue around mental/emotional health that needs attention such as stress, poor focus etc

a specific need to improve their communication skills, their goal setting

their personal flow across all aspects of their life

a relationship (including family) hiccup that has the potential to damage its longevity (and future success)

a health issue such as energy, weight, nutrition, medical concern

a desire to (re)create a home environment that feels positively energised, flows, and provides a feeling of comfort and support in the achievement of good living

a concern about a workplace dilemma around staff performance and personal burnout/overwhelm

a desire to take control of their future to ensure the potential for focused and rewarding outcomes

In all examples above the underlying focus is the drive to live to its full potential, to achieve balance, flow, harmony and happiness in all an individual seeks to do.

A Centre for Excellence

The Hub can be likened to a ‘one stop shop’ in its approach to understanding and addressing the real world of health and wellbeing uncertainty, frustration and dreams.

As a ‘Centre for Excellence’ in Health and Wellbeing it specialises in serving clients from a wide range of backgrounds and differing needs, from lifestyle alignment, to personal health, to personal home (and workspace) needs.

How we can help you

Our unique and bespoke coaching/training/consulting services are delivered via three distinct yet inter-related divisions that collectively seek to address the fundamentals of living a life that brings reward, satisfaction, balance and harmony through a focused flow of wellness … a life of identified clarity, purpose and committed attention to succeed through education, support and empowerment.

1:1 lifestyle coaching to put you on the path to success

Our aim is to provide space for people to understand their natural strengths and weaknesses by initially looking into Their Genius Profile and seeing how this fits in with their end goals and desires. From this we formulate a customised gameplan for day-to-day living by drawing from Eastern and Western solutions.

This support can take on many forms from dietary guidance, counselling on your goals through to Feng Shui and other lifestyle changes. You will be supported by a specialist team ready to work with you and your unique goals.

1:1 physical health and wellness consultations

Your health is not just ‘your body’ … it includes your body awareness, your understanding of your body’s needs for strength and vitality, emotional and mental health, the importance of appreciating the impact of effective and engaging relationships (partner, family, friends, social work) on your life.

Your desire to implement and maintain health and wellness protocols across all these aspects is what ensures the best chance of embracing longevity.

Feng Shui and interior design

Your home has character, a personality, just as we do as human beings. Its ability to support and nourish you comes from its personality, a place where you feel safe and comfortable, and one which encourages the achievement of your goals in life.

No two home designs are ever the same, as no two people are ever ‘identical’. Our aim is to create a uniquely designed home, or designated spaces, that reflect(s) the energies of personalities of those living within … you and every member of your family.

Children and young adults

Children: By understanding your unique genius profiles both parents and children can learn to work closely together and interact in the most ‘natural’ (to them) way possible, without being controlled by another person’s view on how something should be done.

Young adults: The school system forces students to make a lifelong decision before they know themselves. We love helping teens and young adults find their true calling in life based on their natal genius. If you already know what path you want to pursue, understanding your unique natural and manifested genius will enable you to achieve your path much easier as you will understand how to play to your natural strengths and learn to compensate for any weaknesses.

Couples and families

The challenge for the modern couple and families is not to accept what is, or was, but what could be … to explore their relationship’s identity, to achieve success ...

Too often, problems within relationships and families begin with the individual, meaning that each individual must first come to terms with their own outlook on life, their dreams, their ambitions, their vision for their involvement in any relationship.

Workplace and teams

An ongoing issue facing business today is employee engagement through mental, emotional and physical well-being, whether people are working within an ‘office environment’ or from home, and whether they are the owner, the manager, or an employee.

The 9 Pillar Success Hub focuses on the business owner(s), management and each individual employee’s talents, behavioural characteristics, values, passions, beliefs, attitudes, goals and vision by positively seeking to grow maintain a mutually beneficial and effective working environment that creates a ‘win-win’ environment.

Personal Services

Attain personal success through our Genius Profiling plus personal coaching towards identified goals such as mindset, personal success, health, relationships

Organising your personal space to achieve desired goals and increase harmony within the family home

9 pillar success hub provides:

1:1 profiling and coaching

Group coaching

Assessment and consultation

- Help finding your child's unique genius

- Specialised Feng Shui

- Home and work environment

- Relationship compatibility and success

- Health, wellbeing and diet optimisation

- Self-help books and assessments

Corporate Services

Team behaviour / performance / engagement towards the establishment and maintenance of a longevity-based wellbeing culture

Organising the workspace environment for increased harmony and efficiency

9 pillar success hub provides:

1:1 C-Suite consulting and coaching

Group coaching for multiple team members

Workplace assessment and consultation

- Genius profiling for multiple team members at a discounted rate

- Coaching on unique strengths and identifying areas to improve upon

- Feng Shui and interior design to create flow and harmony in the workspace


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