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Programs for couples and families

We can do multiple readings on each individual to help you understand each other better

Unfortunately, the sad truth in today’s world is that the emphasis of a good relationship depends on a strong sexual connection, of romance, of the stuff movies and made of.

But that is not the case for relationships that stand the test of time.

The challenge for the modern couple is not to accept what is, or was, but what could be … to explore their relationship’s identity, its potential to be all they ever dreamed of, to achieve success ... and continue to expand and reach new heights.

Too often, relationship problems begin with the individual, meaning that before the couple has any real chance of success, each individual must first come to terms with their own outlook on life, their dreams, their ambitions, their vision for their involvement in any relationship.

A relationship built on mutual understanding, respect and support is one that has the ability to work through problems and challenges as much as celebrate the successes.

We allow couples to explore their personal worlds towards growing their relationships in a manner that supports the achievement of their success, both as individuals and as a couple, long into their future.

A 'whole-istic' approach towards achieving your goals and desires

In providing education, support and guidance for people looking to make (positive) change in their life in any one, or combination of, three key areas (their life, their health, their home / work / play) ...

It does not isolate the mind, body and environment in providing such a platform, but instead celebrates the connection they share as part of the essence of human existence.

It accepts that none is separate from the others in their focus on purpose through clarity and longevity supported by flow through wholistic wellness.

As such, clients benefit from the development of unique 9 Pillar models, concepts, resources and strategies designed to enhance and support an individual’s understanding, acceptance, implementation and commitment to, the Principles of Flow, Wellness and Longevity in all areas of their personal, home, social and work life.

If you are wanting to unlock your true potential and become the master of your talents, strengths and gifts and live a life of sustainable flow the Genius Profile is the foundation from which to build.

It is the beginning of a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth and living life to the full.

It is the basis for understanding why you do what you do in your personal endeavours, your health, your relationships, your home life, your workplace experiences.

What's included in your personal assessments

For couples and families, we offer a discount for multiple assesments. Each person will receive:

Your initial Genius Profile Assessment

5 Reports … Natal Genius Snapshot, Introduction to 4 Pillars of Destiny. Natal Genius Companion Report, Manifested Genius Snapshot, Manifested Genius Companion Report

A 1-1 personal consultation to unpack what you have discovered and begin planning your next steps.

The Profiling System Will Make Your Discover Things

Such As:


  • Understand your perfect working environment
  • How team members will most likely interact with each other
  • Industries and roles best suited to you


  • What foods are best suited for your constitution
  • Key health areas based on your unique blueprint
  • How different seasons affect your health


  • Know how people interact with each other based on their individual charts
  • Understand how your strengths and weaknesses fit together

Living Environment

  • How to uniquely Feng Shui your home/ room based on your specific chart and your goals
  • The best environments for you to be in

Meet Jeff and Maree: The Genius Profiling Team

International speakers, authors and presenters

Jeff and Maree are a couple internationally-renowned for their expertise in multiple areas and combine their knowledge of Eastern and Western philosophies to help you get the best outcomes.

Jeff Withers

Is a trained psychologist and educator who believes in the power of knowledge to help enhance ones life

  • Trained psychologist and educator (B.Psych, B.Ed.)
  • Accredited and Certified Longevity Diet Coach & Practitioner
  • Certified Behavioural Change Coach
  • Certified Integrative Therapies Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Effectiveness Trainer
  • Accredited and Certified Wholistic Health and Healing Nutrition Coach and Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Maree Malouf

Maree is a qualified interior designer who has studied at the New York School of Feng Shui and is an expert in Feng Shui for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere

  • Qualified Interior Designer (Dip Int. Des’n.)
  • Accredited and Certified Global Feng Shui Practitioner (Northern and Southern Hemisphere expert)
  • Certified Cosmology/Chinese Astrology Practitioner
  • Certified 4 Pillars of Destiny Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified Wholistic Health and Healing Nutrition Coach and Practitioner
  • Accredited and Certified Longevity Diet Coach and Practitioner


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